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We are your key to success!
  • Executive Development
    • Coaching
    • Goal setting
    • Strategic Planning & Solutions
  • District-wide issue identification & solution development
    • Data review & analysis
    • Plan creation & implementation 
    • Measure & Iterate
  • Individual Coaching
    • Need sensing
    • Goal setting
    • Accountability & assessment

"It has been my distinct honor and privilege to work with Rebecca Kephart in preparing for various kinds of professional development activities, whether for individual growth plans or for large group presentations. Working with her has been an amazing opportunity for me personally. I can honestly say that watching her analyze and personally connect with the individuals whom she represents has a magical quality that is hard to emulate. I have yet to grasp her ability to quickly assess a need and break its solution into a refined path of attainable steps leading to the desired goal. Her succinct explanation of each of those steps and the ease with which she charts the path for her participant(s) make it seem effortless – an ability that comes only with the gifts of experience, keen intellect and a passion for coaching others to the success they desire.


Rebecca’s uniquely refined intellect, Southern charm, and creative talents can only lead to a delightful outcome for anyone with whom she associates. To say that I highly recommend her is simply an understatement of the degree to which I recommend her to anyone who is wanting to find answers to baffling questions."

Dianna Allen

Second Language Acquisition Specialist, Round Rock ISD

Spanish Professor Austin Community College

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