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Collaboratively developed study team process to improve Bay-Area district outcomes by bringing together educators, board members, and community to promote achievement of at-risk students. Facilitated the district in implementing by providing the system and leadership coaching to ensure consistent effective results.
Instructed middle school and high school leadership teams in the implantation of a research-validated content literacy program. Supported leaders in their development of assessment rubrics, walk-throughs, and their coaching of staff. One campus moved from ‘adequate’ to ‘recognized’ status one year after program implementation.
Bright Heart Inc., co-developed start-up Toy Company. Responsible for product development, national and international marketing and sales, manufacturing, and accesses venture capital. Oversaw licensing agreements with Barnum & Baily Circus and Turtle Magazine. Raised $120,000 seed funding. Natural disasters and manufacturing issues forced the closure of the company.
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