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Align 2.1
Activate 2.1
Achieve 2.1

BK Aligned Solutions walks with executives to create the operational solutions for their organizations. Our research-based consulting services help leaders grow into their leadership capabilities. Whether early or mid-career, educator or entrepreneur, BK Aligned Solutions can help you achieve your desired results.



Positioning your vision,

mission, and goals in

alignment with your actions

to achieve desired results.



Coaching you to use

neurology to effectively and

effortlessly use your realm

of control to impact results.



Providing structures and

accountability for getting

what you want.


"No matter the capacity, Ms. Kephart has demonstrated her use of effective strategies to meet the needs of teachers and staff in RRISD. Her collaboration with all stakeholders should be commended. Due to her professionalism and gifts she brings, we have seen multiple teachers and campuses grow in their endeavors to meet the needs of our students here in RRISD. Through this process Ms. Kephart has shown great initiative to design and redesign supports to best meet the individual needs of all stakeholders."

Steven Teter, M.Ed.

Special Education Supervisor, Dist. 504 

"The ease with which she charts the path for her participant(s) make it seem effortless – an ability that comes only with the gifts of experience, keen intellect and a passion for coaching others to the success they desire. Rebecca’s uniquely refined intellect, Southern charm, and creative talents can only lead to a delightful outcome for anyone with whom she associates. To say that I highly recommend her is simply an understatement of the degree to which I recommend her to anyone who is wanting to find answers to baffling questions."

Dianna Allen

Second Language Acquisition Specialist

"(Becky) has worked tirelessly with campus administrators, staff, and students to insure that students have the best instruction available to them and that teachers have the support they need in order to provide that instruction. Becky has also been instrumental in planning and carrying out professional development district wide. She is skilled at analyzing data, making inferences about specific needsbased on that data, and translating that information into meaningful learning experiences."

Mary Cardiff, Ed.D.

Executive Director, Special Education Dist. 504

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